Natural Birth Comfort Kit

An online course for pregnant moms looking to fill their birth bag with natural comfort measures and coping strategies for a positive and confident birth experience.

Do you imagine going into labor and not feeling anxious, but feeling totally in control and prepared for whatever comes next?

I mean, that’s the dream, right?

✔ Being able to birth as naturally as you possibly can with low medical intervention

✔ Feeling well informed about all the options available to you

✔ Being heard and respected in your birthing room, by your partner AND your medical team

✔ Trusting in your body, knowing YOU CAN DO THIS!

✔ Overcoming those feelings of fear and anxiety, feeling self-confidence instead

You have this dream too, right? And it can actually be a reality, too!

The Natural Birth Comfort Kit guides you through all the natural coping strategies and tools you’ll need to increase your options for labor and giving birth.

This quick and straightforward course will help you to banish your anxiety and fears about labor and birth, giving you the confidence you need to say, “Yes, I can do this.” Learn simple ways that birth can feel more comfortable, more relaxing, more empowering, more intimate, more natural, and less medical.

And because I’m that passionate about you taking full control of your birth experience…it’s only $47.

Look, I’ll be real with you. I hear time and time again that women are scared to give birth. Scared of pain, unintended outcomes, not feeling heard or respected.

And it breaks my heart a little. Actually, a lot.

I see this all the time: you find out you’re pregnant, YAY!! And the countdown to baby starts.

You download one of those apps that tells you your baby is the size of a poppy seed, a kiwi, a mango. You take weekly pictures for IG. #cantwaittomeetyou

You have doctors appointments, ultrasounds, a fun social media announcement, maybe a gender reveal party.

You create a registry and buy all the adorable little clothes, fluffy blankets, soft towels. A car seat and stroller. The nursery looks perfect!

And eventually, the day comes. You go into labor, drive to the hospital, and it’s time to have this baby! And suddenly you’re faced with the stark reality…you prepared for pregnancy, you prepared for a newborn, but what about birth? What now?

And that feels scary. It’s easy to put it out of your mind, like “I’ll deal with it when it comes.”

I get it. But when you’re contracting every few minutes, that’s probably not the moment to pull up Google and search, How to Get Through Labor.

When you prepare in advance, you have the freedom and peace of mind to focus on the hard work in the moment instead of panicking about what to do next.

And that’s exactly what the Natural Birth Comfort Kit can help you do.

Hi, I'm Liz!

And I’m a Certified Childbirth Educator, founder of The Fearless Birth Project™, mom, and one of those people you hear about who absolutely loved giving birth.

But nobody told me it could be that way before I did it.

I was a very young mom, and I got told plenty of horror stories about birth from people. My husband and I felt like we were way out of our league with this birth stuff. At least, that’s the message we got from everybody else. But we took a birth class and spent a lot of time learning about and practicing different comfort techniques.

In my first birth, when medication only gave me a few hours of relief before wearing off, we used a combination of natural comfort measures and tools to cope with the remaining hours of back labor, transition, and a sunny-side-up baby, pushed out in 35 minutes without intervention.

Fast forward to my second birth, when medication wasn’t available. My husband and I used the same natural comfort measures to work through back labor again, and a long active labor phase turned into a very short transition stage, and baby was pushed out in 4 minutes. And an hour later, as I was walking around my hospital room showing off my new baby, I said to my husband, “Wow. What a rush. I could do that again tomorrow!”

Despite whatever horror stories I’d heard before giving birth, I felt an absolute confidence in my own ability and no anxiety going into my own birthing experience. There were no moments like in the movies where I cried, “I can’t do this, I’m giving up.”

I know this works. I’ve experienced it, and I really want YOU to be able to experience it, too.

The quick and simple way for you and your partner to feel prepared and confident about your birth experience.

In the Natural Birth Comfort Kit, you’ll learn:

the unique strategies to managing back labor

your role in understanding and overcoming pain

what supplies you actually need for a positive and relaxing birth

why a relaxed mind and body is the best preparation you can have for birth (and how to achieve it!)

how to reframe birth as a natural event to experience, not as a medical procedure to be intervened with

Here's what's included in the Natural Birth Comfort Kit:

All of this:

video training and tutorials on 8 different comfort measures and coping strategies you can use for your Fearless Birth experience

strategies include massage, hydrotherapy, imagery and visualization, and more

video training on back labor and strategies for managing it without medication

the Ultimate Guide to Massage for Pregnancy and Labor

printable guides you can bring with you to the hospital or your birthing room

audio guides to relaxation sessions

plus teaching sections on:

the role of a support person

what is a Doula?

understanding pain and your response

targeted support during different phases of labor

the Take Charge Routine

Listen, I know that fear of childbirth is a very real thing. And I also know that education and a safe space to ask questions can stop fear in its tracks.

For just $47.

Would you like to approach your birth as a natural experience, not a medical procedure?

Would you like to take charge of your birthing room, feel confident in the strategies you bring to your labor, and feel heard and respected by those around you?

How much is it worth to you to know and trust in your body?

How much is self-confidence and peace of mind worth?

I already know you can give birth. It’s time that YOU know it, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Natural Birth Comfort Kit online course

How can I take control of my experience? Isn’t my doctor in charge?

Your birth is YOUR BIRTH. Everyone else in that room is a supporting player in your birth experience, and you are in charge. A healthcare provider is more likely to take charge and take over if a mother doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t feel confident or empowered in her decision-making, and doesn’t speak up about what she wants. Your doctor isn’t your support person, they have a very important job to do. This course is designed to help give you a plan for managing pain and discomfort in your labor and birth so that you never have to hand control over to anyone else if you don’t want to.

Isn’t birth a medical procedure though? I’m going to a hospital.

Birth is a normal and natural event. Barring specific complications where medical intervention is necessary, birth can be accomplished with little interference from medical personnel. This is why I believe in approaching birth from the standpoint that it is not something DONE TO women, but rather something that women actively take part in and experience. You’ll notice I don’t use the word “delivery” when I talk about birth. A pizza is delivered. A mother gives birth.

Can I use a combination of natural comfort measures and medication?

Of course! If medication is an option for you, you’ve researched the choices and feel informed and empowered in making that decision, I say “Woo! Go for it! You’re amazing!” The goal of the Natural Birth Comfort Kit is to give you lots of natural, non-medicinal options and strategies to bring into your labor and birth experience so that medication doesn’t have to be your ONLY option.

When and for how long can I access the materials & resources?

As soon as you check out, you’ll have access to the Natural Birth Comfort Kit for 9 months and everything inside of the password-protected course portal.

Before you leave...

I know this is a scary time right now, and you’ve got a lot of things vying for your attention and time. Uncertainty is everywhere and it’s hard to hold onto any sense of stability. Negativity and tension is in the air, and it’s hard not to let that sink in.

The methods I’m teaching you inside the Natural Birth Comfort Kit are more timely right now than ever. I believe in combatting negativity and gloom with positivity and encouragement. I believe in the connection between tension in our minds and tension in our bodies, and I can teach you how to relax…literally. I can’t change much about the uncertainty of the global climate right now, but I CAN help make your labor and birth an incredible experience instead of another horror story that gets told at Girls Night.

It shouldn’t have to be this hard. You deserve something incredible. Are you ready?